The Travelling Band

the-travelling-bandFinding themselves championed by 6 Music’s Marc Riley and the Eavis family even before self-releasing debut album ‘Under the Pavement’ in late 2008, quickly established Manchester outfit The Travelling Band as ones to watch very closely. Even through adversity, untimely reduced from a six to a five piece prior the release of sophomore album ‘Screaming is Something’ (2011) they continued to evolve and progress as a more diminutive unit. Recording in isolation on the Isle of Mull the album furthered their growing reputation for song-craft and harmony laden ethereal-pop production style.

Over five years and 400+ shows since their formation, the band have garnered an enviable reputation as one of the U.K’s tightest live acts and hardest working bands. These factors captured perfectly within their two live albums, highlighting an ability to utterly feel, not just play music, adapting the painstakingly recorded versions, adding rawer elements.

And so to 2013 a third album ‘The Big Defreeze’ appears on the horizon, funded through a successful Pledge Music campaign and produced by Iestyn Polson (David Gray, Patti Smith, David Bowie, Simple Kid) at The Church Studios, Crouch End, London. The ‘Hands Up’ EP serves up a taste of whats to come – original ingredients are maintained, intricate guitar lines and infectious rhythms interact with expansive chord structures and subtle tempo changes, the recipe incorporates a new vivacious flavour. There’s far more to The Travelling Band than primarily meets eye or ear, continuing to develop and flourish from festival favourites into fully fledged recording artists, building a legacy destined to stand the test of time.