Reviews for New Wall LP Pour In

Wall‘s first (and last…for now) LP, Untitled, is receiving great press. Check out some snippets and follow the links below.

“A posthumous debut is a strange thing. If it stinks, then good riddance. But if it is great, as is WALL’s Untitled, then fans are left with a craving that is insatiable.”  – Pitchfork

“Hurrying urgently down the rushing veins of every song, colliding surreally poetic lyrics with thumping racket in a tense, on-edge mess, ‘Untitled’ could well’ve put WALL on the same trajectory as their equally absurdist contemporaries Parquet Courts. Still, que sera sera. Whatever this lot are going onto next, they’re a talented bunch, and their future projects are worth watching out for.” – DIY Mag