John Clinebell

Raised in a musical family on a corn and soybean farm in rural Illinois, John Clinebell started singing and tapping his feet from an early age. When he picked up a guitar in college, John fell head-over-heels in love with writing songs and performing. He fronted the 90s alternative rock band Tricky Luz in Tucson, and then moved to Los Angeles in 2005. Since then, John Clinebell has been a featured Koffeehouse artist, opened shows for national touring acts, worked with highly accomplished producers and recorded in some of the best studios in town. His independent releases Stomping Grounds (2008) and Make It Land (2009) were followed up by a 2012 collaboration with award-winning poet Tony Barnstone and songwriter Ariana Hall. Tokyo’s Burning: World War II Songs translated Barnstone’s poetry about the Pacific front of World War II into a full length album of folk and bluegrass music. In 2014, John fronted the post-grunge band Violane on their self-titled debut, and also released a live album of original ukulele songs called The Felt Fedoras: Live at The Village. Both albums were collaborations with Italian songwriter/composer Alessio Miraglia. In 2015, John began producing music full time out of LOVE Studios in Culver City, California. His recent collaborations with up-and-coming indie songwriters have started yielding traction in the ad/TV music sync world. In 2016, John attended Westlake Studios’ Cre8 Academy while working with producers Bill Lefler and Adrianne Gonzalez on a new EP of songs under the name The Wonderstrikes. He also was cowriter on Ginger Jones and The Bright Times’ debut EP.