lungz“Hungry young rapper Lungz is straight from the Northside of the Chi. His name seems like a fairly obvious rap appelation – to the degree I’m a bit perplexed that in 30+ years I’ve never seen another rapper use it.
Lungz is not all about what he’s inhaling though – and even though he raps ‘NorthSide Get the Money’ on his (ironically) free album he’s not all about the cheddar either.
For a relative newcomer Lungz seems to be fairly well connected, especially when you stop to consider that Cam from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League contributes three tracks – ‘Empty Cup,’ ‘Never Take Me Alive’ and ‘I’m Out.
He’s also got a few high known guests artists as contributors on this project – most prominently King L a/k/a King Louie on ‘Drink Smoke’ and Dizzy Wright on the mellow BP The Producer laced ‘Sunday Drives.’” <RAPREVIEWS.COM>