pause-face“I give you my honest takes on humanity, plus I‟m always poking fun at something, so if I don’t make you think, hopefully I will at least make you laugh,”
explains the producer and voice behind Pause, as he digs through a box of vinyl at his studio in Venice Beach. “Al Jarreau,” he says, fishing out 1975‟s We
Got By. “The rhythm section is so locked in on this… It will blow your mind.”

Equal parts producer, lyricist, instrumentalist (he plays 7 instruments, to date), and performer — Pause is very much in control of his craft, and makes a
point to show it.

For the most part, his nights are spent bouncing around his studio plumbing the depths of a vintage vinyl collection, studying the history behind each
record, and occasionally splicing parts of funk, soul, rock „n‟ roll and jazz history until the dawn peeks over the San Gabriel Mountains.

“I really don’t like being referred to as a rapper. I feel like, these days, the title ‘rapper’ basically says that an understanding of music is not necessary. It just
sort of pigeonholes me to certain sound and persona that I dislike, I guess.”

The truth is that Pause sounds exactly like he should for someone working in the gritty paradise of Venice Beach — Beautiful, raw and real, with the default
set to funky.