Quiet Type

Portland’s new pop duo Quiet Type is fresh off the press and pleased to share their debut single, Fugitive, a creamy, hook-packed anthem perfect for dancing off an emotional hangover.

The partnership between singer Lee Barbara and primary songwriter Bobby Seus delivers bubblegum pop through a cracked lens; crisp pop production and major melodies drape a colorful garment around lyrics whose outlook pushes right past cynical into a realm where life’s heartbreaks are acknowledged with a knowing wink and a shot of rye.

While romance can admittedly be pretty horrible, the music of Quiet Type sees no reason not to enjoy the ride. By way of influences, the boys show their cards – namely early obsessions with bands like The Beach Boys and The Zombies whose sounds delivered an idealistic optimism.

Indeed, while the entirety of their upcoming debut record – out Spring 2016 – borrows its style from an era of musical innocence, it was built on the back of a couple hearts that have been knocked around once or twice.