Redcat Sounds

Redcat Sounds is an independently owned label distributed by MGM. It was born in early 2010 after years of producer Paul ‘Woody’ Annison hounding his wife, Rae Harvey of Crucial Music (management for 360, Children Collide, Daniel Lee Kendall, Gyroscope, Hunting Grounds & The Living End) to start a label. But not just any label – a label for the artist. So let’s get this straight. We do not sign artists. We license albums and EPs from artists. We believe this gives them the freedom in their early careers to establish themselves organically and the ability to get their music out and hopefully on radio, without having to sign long-term deals. Or, in the case of a band like The Living End with their back catalogue, the ability to own and control their masters in perpetuity, ensuring artistic directive over any ‘best of’ album releases in their future. The artists on Redcat Sounds direct their own destiny and are actively involved in all decisions relating to their releases.


Hunting Grounds
Daniel Lee Kendall
The Living End
Young Revelry