Tanya Batt

tanyabattEvery now and then, an artists emerges who encapsulates all that is longed for in a songstress. Enter Tanya Batt.

With a sound that has been compared to Florence & the Machine by media outlets throughout Australia and abroad, Tanya Batt delivers a sense of earnestness in her heartfelt brand of music.
Since her beginnings, Tanya Batt has developed a powerful presence in a small window of time, playing many sold out shows, as well as enjoying radio play from Triple J for single ʻAtlasʼ, which received rotation on over 35 stations Australia wide.

As well as packing up the tour van to grace stages along the East Coast, Tanya Batt has done all she can to reach audiences abroad, appearing on radio stations such as BBC Radio in the United Kingdom, and many US based College/Community radio stations.

After a highly successful debut, Tanya Batt will be releasing her latest offering ‘Fools’ on March 26th, which is the first single from upcoming sophomore EP ʻA Fool Once Weptʼ.