The Belles

Christopher Tolle (vocals/guitar/bass) and Jake Cardwell (drums/percussion) were having some drinks in a local bar in Lawrence, KS, when they struck up a conversation about music. It was 2001 and both had had their hands in other projects over the years and were looking for something more permanent; Cardwell was a sessions contributor to the likes of the New Amsterdams and Safety in Numbers, while Tolle was a member of the Creature Comforts. Casual plans for a rough, two-song EP cassette eventually turned into a mini-LP, leaving Tolle and Cardwell to christen themselves the Belles. A deal with Lakeshore followed in early 2002. Several months later, the Belles hooked up with Peter Buxton for their first proper recording; Omertá appeared in spring 2003. Idle Acres followed in 2004, with Time Flies When You’re Losing your Mind arriving in 2010.