Katie Cruel

wendyraefowler_photoAfter high profile collaborations with Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan and We Fell to Earth, Wendy Rae Fowler has crafted her own musical vision – a dark and brooding modern day twist on all the classics that have served as the soundtrack to her life such as gospel, the blues, dusty spaghetti westerns, and haunted carousels.

Fowler started off as one of 2 original bassists in Rancho de la Luna’s very own ‘Earthlings?’ from Joshua Tree California. Her stint in Earthlings? led to touring and collaborations with both Queens of the Stone Age and Mark Lanegan. Some years later Fowler teamed up with Rich File (ex-Unkle) to form We Fell to Earth, an experimental rock/electronic outfit. Alongside their debut 2009 self titled release, tracks by the group have been featured in several different US dramas and the pair wrote and recorded the theme song for AMC’s hugely successful, ‘The Killing’.
In 2011 Fowler began performing and releasing music under the moniker Katie Cruel succeeding in song placements in the Netflix original show Orange is the New Black as well as the 2013 French Drama Jeune and Jolie, from internationally acclaimed director Francois Ozon (Lionsgate).  Her musical career come full circle, Fowler now releases and performs under her given name -Wendy Rae Fowler.
This music is dark, provocative, threatening, and dangerous. It’s desperate yet somehow hopeful. It teeters on that thin line which resides exactly between love and hate. These are not songs of happiness, yet somehow they seen to make you feel better…