C. Shirock

cshirockC.SHIROCK is Chuck Shirock – founder, frontman and primary writer for internationally acclaimed band, SHIROCK. The new music from C.SHIROCK is an evolution and a distillation, cutting to the core of his identity, with a power and clarity not heard before.

Blending anthemic choruses and big releases with heartfelt lyrics, the new music from C.SHIROCK delivers with a vulnerability, urgency, and an aching vocal that is uniquely his own. Driving rhythms and bass are anchors to the soaring melodies, layers of keyboards, and programming that call to mind the emotive, intelligent pop music of artists such as Peter Gabriel and David Bowie.

C.SHIROCK was born in the United States before relocating with his missionary family to the Philippines at the age of 3. He grew up in the Philippines until he was 8, when he moved to Aberdeen, Scotland, where he lived until the age of 13. His family then settled in Detroit, MI, before he relocated to Nashville, TN to further study music at Belmont University. Coming from a family of creatives and musicians, he grew up the oldest of 4, playing piano, writing, and composing from a very early age. His mother was a professional ballet dancer, his father an avid guitarist, and his father an accomplished jazz pianist. Not surprisingly, he and his siblings all work in creative fields today, including music, photography, and film.

The cultural influences of C.SHIROCK’s upbringing, both musically and melodically, can be heard in his new work and collaborations with various producers, programmers, artists, and instrumentalists. Working alongside his brother Scott Shirock, as well as Konrad Snyder, Jeremy Lutito, and Kevin Whitsett, his new work blends seamlessly, a refined melodic and pop sensibility, years of classical training, with hints of Peter Gabriel, New Order, Prince, U2, and The Cure.

2016 marks the beginning and the continuation of C.SHIROCK and the music that has brought much joy, hope, and solidarity to so many fans before.