Sawyer, the brand new indie-pop duo comprised of Emma Harvey and Kel Taylor, is quickly building a reputation for resonating, earnest songwriting and a performance that leaves you smiling on the drive home.

Sawyer is an evolution of Taylor’s solo project, Kel, who early on recruited Harvey to play guitar and mandolin in her backing band. When the two collaborated together on “Nightfall,” the title track of Kel’s 2014 EP, a partnership began. Growing quickly from dorm-room writing sessions to airplay on Lightning 100 and a “best songs of 2014” nod from Nashville’s Cause A Scene, Taylor and Harvey have already opened for singer-songwriters, Jon McLaughlin and Steve Moakler. Their signature, folk-tinged sound was recently merged with the indie-pop energy of influences, Coin and Coldplay, in their first single “Letting Go.” “Honestly the duo was a total accident. Somehow our break ups landed on the same day so we both slid into months of music making as an escape” says Taylor. “It was a Godsend,” Harvey laughs, “we wrote upbeat music because we needed it more than ever.” A year later, the two are signed with Sorted Noise, playing for crowds around the country, and working on their next release. With sounds of hope, Sawyer is beginning an inviting soundtrack for the city of Nashville.